Monumental Inscriptions

These Monumental Inscriptions have been transcribed by the Friends of Nunhead Cemetery.

More will be added as they become available.

The dates for monument inscription recording work for the rest of 2019 are as follows:
Tuesdays: 12 February; 12 March; 16 April; 14 May; 11 June; 16 July; 13 August; 10 September; 15 October; 12 November.
Sundays: 24th February; 31 March; 28 April; 26 May; 30 June; 28 July; 25 August; 29 September; 27 October; 24 November.
For further information of timings and how to volunteer please contact Garry at:

We clear the monuments of foliage, moss and general dirt so that they can be read then record what we can of the inscription, taking a photo of the monument. These are then transcribed into a word document for easier access. At some stage we will need to put all these inscriptions onto the website. Volunteers can choose how much time they want to devote to this work, so we welcome those only able to do a couple of hours rather than the whole day.

Please make a donation to help support their work.

Surname:First Name:Date of death:Age: 


Cartwright Fanny 13th August 1938 75


Cartwright John 7th November 1950 83


Clark Joyce Joanna 18th November 1983 57


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