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Diamond Decades 2012

This event has passed. Images from this exhibition can be seen at http://www.artgoingplaces.com/Diamond_Decades.php.

As part of the 2012 Open House weekend, the Friends of Nunhead Cemetery, in association with Jill Rock, present a public art exhibition celebrating Her Majesty the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.

diamond decades front

Diamond Decades promises to be a fun and celebratory public art exhibition to remember, from Sally Buchanans laced Anglican Chapel window of the Queens hat designs over the decades, to having a photo of yourself snapped in one of Ara Moradians hairpieces styled in the Queens unique hairdo, to the recreation of the Queens famous handwave by Abilene.

This exhibition is all about the grandeur of royalty: the Queens jewels, whose stones have been recrafted by Mike Hoath; the Queens dresses, one of which by Norman Hartnell has been recreated by Ahmed Farooqui; and the Queens love of horses remodelled by Joe Nicholson Smith. And in the centre of the Chapel, a huge sparkling version of the Queens crown lights up the exhibition from Elisabetta Chojak-Mysko surrounding Jolanta Jagiellos artwork Windsor Pearl and Set.

Royalty is all about image, and a number of artists: Tinsel Edwards; Twinkle Troughton; Lorenzo Belenguer; and Anna Whyatt will challenge our perceptions of royalty potentially changing our views of the monarchy.

Yet for many the monarchy is all about the pagentry of coronations, weddings, funnerals, and jubilees with a wealth of souvenirs to remind us of the time we have had. A day to wave flags, put up the bunting, organise street parties, and sing God Save the Queen as loudly as we can. Derek Miles stone sculpture will capture the magic of the coronation, whilst images from Mary Pritchards treasured coronation tin will decorate the chapel gates, and Will Parker will base his installation around his 1977 Silver Jubilee mug.

Jill Rock will be on hand to capture your memories within a decade in the Chapel, as well as presenting her display on modern day Ghana, one of the Queens favourite commonwealth countries, which made a peaceful transition to independence.

 diamond decades back


The Friends of Nunhead Cemetery

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