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Magnificent Seven Resting Peacefully 2011

This event has passed. Images from this exhibition can be seen at

Magnificent Seven Resting Peacefully

For the very first time the Mausoleum after its restoration in 2002 is open to the public during Open Day on 21st May, 11am-5pm, with a Public Art Exhibition. The Mausoleum was designed by the architectural firm of George & Peto using moulded decorative detail made by the firm Doulton in Lambeth. This gives its charm, with arcaded parapets, moulded gargoyles, and intricate patterns round the arched openings of the windows and doorway, and the capitals and shafts of the colenettes.

The public art exhibition draws attention to the beautiful architectural features of the small salmon-coloured terracotta Mausoleum which stands beside the path running up the hill on the west side of Nunhead Cemetery. It was built in the Romanesque style with crow-stepped gables and a ridged roof, lined with brown and yellow glazed tiles and ornamented with Celtic motifs, for Mrs Laura Stearns of Radnor House in Twickenham who died in 1900.

The Mausoleum is brought to life and open to the public on the May Open Day 2011 with artworks on the shelves by the Magnificent 7 Artists: Nick Baelz, Mike Hoath, Sara Scott, Jill Rock, Desiree Ickerodt, Debora Mo, and Lorraine Clarke. With decorative features of birds, heads, and twigs provided by artists Belinda Opie, and Jolanta Jagiello.


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